Acupuncture for Back Pain

Whether you’re stuck sitting in an office chair all day or you accidentally lifted something dense incorrectly, your back is much more vulnerable to pain than you may think. The reason is the tendons located in your back are far more spread out than in other regions, making them easier to damage.

Unfortunately, most people who suffer from chronic back pain get prescribed pain pills that stay dangerously addictive. Because of how prevalent the issue is, many people today are turning to acupuncture for back pain treatments.

However, not all acupuncture centers are certified, leading to many health spas performing the process incorrectly. At Acupuncture San Diego, however, we remain the convenient and affordable choice throughout San Diego CA.

If you are tired of prescription pills for back pain, or just need natural relief now, contact us to schedule your appointment. Our friendly staff of experienced acupuncturists remains the trusted choice for your application.

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Back Pain Acupuncture

Your back contains a broad web of muscles, tendons, nerves, and bones, making it a primary area of concern for developing injuries. Unfortunately, once you damage your back badly enough, you might be facing a lifetime of discomfort.

Acupuncture for back pain works by stimulating muscles, as well as targeting inflammation and pinched nerves. By forcing your body to produce endorphins, healing hormones, and nerve signals to tissues, it helps promote better-sustained natural relief.

Even if you recently underwent surgical procedures, acupuncture can help reduce your recovery time. It’s a powerful tool in your pain management arsenal, either on its own or combined with other treatment choices.

You need to know that your acupuncturist team has the experience you can trust for better results.


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