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Acupuncture Cost

Generally, acupuncture cost can be quite high, but keep reading because we have an affordable solution for you and your loved ones at Acupuncture San Diego. If you’re not already familiar, acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medication that has been practiced globally for decades now. It’s a process that has been certified by UN to be safe and treats more than 60 medical conditions. What’s even better is that reports of complications on acupuncture are less than 5% annually. This can be attributed to minimal side effects that come with this mode of treatment. It’s for this reason that acupuncture cost is fairly high in many clinics across the globe. Additionally, it’s important to take note that by using acupuncture, there is no need of prescription drugs or surgery in many cases.

Typical Acupuncture Cost

Depending on the location of the clinic and services offered, these are the typical acupuncture costs that you will incur in any clinic.

Initial visit fees elsewhere: $75-$95 (Covers medical consultation and one acupuncture session).
Routine visit fees elsewhere: $50-$70.

The good news!

Acupuncture San Diego fees: Free over the phone consultation, free exam and only $40 per 30 minute session!

What is included in the acupuncture cost?

The first session is very important, which is why we offer free exams. We know that trust is key to an ongoing relationship, and that acupuncture is not just a one-time fix-all. It’s a process. Generally a practitioner will want to know about your medical history and what medication you are currently using and what you aim to treat from the sessions.

acupuncture cost
cost of acupuncture

Insurance Coverage

BEST NEWS YET!!  We accept ALL INSURANCE. Yes! One unique factor about acupuncture is that it is one among very few other forms of alternative medication that is covered by insurance. (Although it is not covered by Medicare) Before seeking treatment, it’s good to find out from your insurance company if they will be able to cover your treatment and by how much.

There are sometimes additional costs that are not often incurred by all who visit but can benefit from more than just an acupuncture treatment. In some cases, our practitioners will recommend that patients take specialized Chinese herbs. These herbs are meant to supplement acupuncture treatment for chronic ailments.

Take advantage of our affordable rates at Acupuncture San Diego clinic to enjoy fair treatment costs and available supplement herbs for your chronic illness. You will pay less for wonderful service rendered.

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