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Acupuncture for Allergies: Acupuncture San Diego

Allergies are a health menace for many people; pharmaceutical medications that are supposed to help the situation are a temporary solution but with acupuncture for allergies you can be sure of permanent solution.

At Acupuncture San Diego, we suggest a natural permanent solution, acupuncture procedure for allergies. Allergies are as a result of the body’s immune system being sensitive and over-reactive to external allergens. Mostly allergies are triggered by food, smell and pollen from wind-pollinated plants.

Let’s have a quick look at symptoms of allergies…

Acupuncture for Allergies Procedure

What does acupuncture procedure does differently from pharmaceutical drugs?

Acupuncture helps in maintaining vital energy flow through the meridians of your body.

Meridians are channels that serve the entire body organs, nerves, and muscles. Energy flows via meridians into the body and balances immunity and the nervous system.

Allergies block these channels…

Our Acupuncture procedure treats allergies by restoring a smooth flow of energy by placing thin needles on meridian spots.

The needles reduce histamine release from mast cells by balancing the immune and nervous system. Acupuncture also improves digestion since some foods tend to trigger immune reactions.

How long does the acupuncture procedure take to treat allergies?

The duration of the procedure varies from one patient to another.

However, if a person has a healthy digestive system and less stress, he or she will need 7 to 10 treatments to get rid of their allergies.

Effects of acupuncture in most cases last up to 12 months.

acupuncture for allergies
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acupuncture for allergies

Symptoms of seasonal allergies

Runny or stuffy nose
Watery and itchy eyes
Stomach upsets
Postnasal drip
Ear congestion and ringing
Irritated throat, sinuses and ear canals
Acid reflux
Skin Rashes

Now that you’ve known the symptoms, your nervous system is at risk of being hypersensitive due to lack of enough oxygen. All you need is acupuncture for your allergies, and all the symptoms will disappear.

Allergies are treatable; you need not to worry.

Acupuncture procedure for allergies is what you need. For quality and professional services for your allergies book an appointment with Acupuncture San Diego clinic.

Our clinic offers a free consultation for any of your health issues. With our qualified and licensed acupuncturists, allergies will be a history for you.

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