Acupuncture for Cancer Recovery

When you or a loved one develop cancer symptoms, you likely stay desperate searching for a miracle cure. In the past, some had claimed that acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine methods would have some hidden solution.

Acupuncture for cancer recovery remains recommended as a complimentary treatment choice in addition to what oncologists have already suggested. When used along with standard prescribed methods, it can help alleviate more symptoms of both the disease and its treatments, such as nausea, hot flashes, fatigue, and dry mouth.

Acupuncture San Diego is an experienced provider of acupuncture for cancer recovery needs. We understand the balance of achieving healing results without producing false hope.

We work hard to remain your convenient, affordable, and respectful acupuncturists, doing whatever we can to eliminate more pain and discomfort for San Diego, California residents. Choose us for experienced acupuncture practitioners who provide you with the best healing possible.

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Cancer Symptoms Relief

Most diseases have a direct cause and effect relationship regarding their symptoms. However, as a cancer patient, you have to deal with your condition, the medication, and side effects of both.

Acupuncture is useful for alleviating inflammation, aches, pains, and radiation-based treatments. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments leave patients feeling incapacitated, with some opting out of medicine altogether.

When used in conjuncture with your prescribed treatment choices, you can experience less fatigue and nausea, reduced pain and inflammation, and an easier time navigating through chemo.

Acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine is not enough to take on cancer on their own, and you should always refer to what your oncologist recommends. However, if you would like to experience acupuncture to relieve your symptoms and side effects, then Acupuncture San Diego is prepared to help you.



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