Acupuncture for Cognitive Health

Among the most frightening aspects of aging is wondering how much of your cognitive health you will retain. Unfortunately, now more than ever, dementia and cognitive impairment remain on the rise.

Researchers still don’t understand these conditions as well as they would like, and no one knows for sure how to completely counteract their symptoms. However, acupuncture for cognitive health proves useful in treating these conditions, allowing more aging adults improved attention and freedom.

The staff at Acupuncture San Diego remains certified and experienced, promoting better blood circulation, detoxifying, and natural healing techniques. We stay the best in San Diego, CA holistic healing with safe and practical applications.

Whether you find it difficult to remember what you entered a room for, or you seem to get more forgetful every day, we can help you discover the relief you need now. See how effective your acupuncture treatment can be by scheduling your appointment with us.

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Does Acupuncture Work?

Cognitive health medication relies on blocking certain brain chemicals while attempting to increase others. While some may find this enough to fight back against memory loss and motor skill issues, some show little to no signs of improvement.

Recent studies have indicated that proper acupuncture techniques can both improve the efficiency of your prescriptions, as well as offer significant positive results by itself. Whether this is a result of increased blood circulation or removing more toxins, many people are rediscovering why acupuncture still works thousands of years later.

Other studies suggest that acupuncture may even help rebuild neurons in the brain, assisting aging adults in retaining healthier, more alert minds. Whatever you hope to achieve from your best acupuncture appointments, we are ready to help you.

Let Acupuncture San Diego improve your cognitive health today with experienced acupuncturist professionals.

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