Acupuncture for Hair Loss

Hair loss is an expected part of aging for both men and women. As we age, changes in hormone levels lead to hair follicles dying out, either because of an increase in testosterone for aging women or more estrogen created in men.

Unfortunately, many people still live with embarrassment or reduced self-confidence, even when hair loss consistently runs in their family’s genes.  You probably begin trying every product you can find, but none of them achieve permanent results.

Rather than spend a fortune on hair loss treatments that don’t work, many men and women have begun relying on traditional medicine again. Acupuncture for hair loss stays the safest, all-natural ways to combat aging without the side effects of medicated treatment choices.

When you need acupuncture that slows hair loss and promotes better hormone growth, then you need us at Acupuncture San Diego. We assist more San Diego, California residents in gaining their confidence back the natural way.

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Hair Loss Acupuncturists

In many situations, hair loss isn’t just normal but expected to occur. Whether you undergo specific medical treatments like chemotherapy or you are a pregnant mother with thinning hair, several situations will likely cause your hair to fall out.


However, that doesn’t mean that you feel any more confident about your thinning hairline’s appearance. Acupuncture can be vital is keeping more of your hair by promoting better blood circulation throughout your scalp, as well as balancing and increasing the production of critical hormones.

Your acupuncturists will also reduce swelling, agitation, and inflammation of your scalp, paving the way for new follicle growth to take place. When chemical treatment options and expensive subscription plans aren’t enough to treat your hair loss, our acupuncturists are still here for you.

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