Acupuncture For Muscle Pain

Muscle pain or myalgia is a common problem that occurs in any muscle of your body. This is normally triggered by infections in the soft tissues, overexertion, injury or different inflammatory conditions. Acupuncture San Diego offers a team of the best acupuncturists in San Diego who help get rid of the discomfort in the most natural way. Here is all patients need to know about this therapy in San Diego.

Treatment for Muscle Pain

Muscle pains can be unpleasant especially if you are an active person. They can stop you from performing your daily duties. This therapy is commonly used to relieve the body from this kind of pain. This therapy gets rid of pain through different ways, the common one being the insertion of needles into the body.

How the Therapy Works

During the insertion process, the body will release hormones called endorphins—the natural painkiller hormone. Endorphins help you feel alert, mobile and relaxed.

What makes Acupuncture San Diego the best is the fact that they combine the ancient wisdom and holistic approach of this Chinese medicine with skills and focus. So they understand the most effective way of triggering the body’s natural way of alleviating pain.

Patients depending on medications can rely on this therapy as it lowers their dose of medications or get rid of them completely. A good acupuncturist will trigger enough release of endorphins that will not just mask the discomfort but do more. This includes stress relief and relaxation. So this relaxes the tense muscles that trigger pain.

The best acupuncturists in San Diego still maintains the same ancient techniques and points. However, the needles used in modern practice are sterile, made of stainless steel and only used once per patient for safety purposes.

This therapy is similar to any other treatment. The process starts with a complete physical examination then a question and answer session. Practitioners may attempt to re-create the pain by asking you to execute the movement or a position that triggers the it. This helps the acupuncturist to perfectly diagnose and alleviate the problem.

The acupuncturist may also want to insert the needle exactly where the pain is or in a different point. These two procedures are all beneficial and considered appropriate in the field. For better results and if required, the acupuncturist may be forced to add electro-stimulation to the treatment. This works by fastening tiny wires to the needles that transfer small amounts of micro-currents to the muscles in question. These currents relax the muscles.

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With that said, you now know what to expect from the best acupuncturists in San Diego. It is important to understand that this therapy should be painless. Acupuncture San Diego ensures that is the case and this is why patients prefer this pain relief method. The feeling is quite soothing only if you consult the best acupuncturist. As much as this therapy may be beneficial, it should not replace your medication. So before you stop or lower your medication doses, make sure you consult your doctor.

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