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Acupuncture for Sciatica: Acupuncture San Diego

Efficient management acupuncture for sciatica is well achieved through the use of acupuncture for sciatica. Sciatica refers to the pain that radiates along the path of the nerve, which branches from the lower back via your buttocks and hips down each leg. Basically, sciatica affects only one side of your body. It most commonly occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed by the herniated disk or bone spur on the spine. This causes pain, inflammation, and some numbness on the affected leg.

Different Types Of Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain often affects one side of the body, with the pain developing from the lower back down the legs. The following include some the common signs of sciatica pain:

• While sitting, pain in the lower back that worsens.

• Burning, searing, tingling, pain down the leg.

• Numbness, weakness, or difficulty of moving the leg.

• Continuous pain on one side of the buttocks.

• It is usually difficult to stand due to sharp pain.

Sciatica Pain and Its Causes

Sciatica pain is an underlying symptom of a medical condition that occurs around the buttocks. The sciatic nerve originates from the lower back, then runs via the buttocks, and finally down at the back of each leg. Portions of the sciatic nerve branch to several areas of the leg, such as the toes or calf. Sciatica pain happens if there happens to be a compression or structural impingement of the sciatic nerve on the lower back

Treatment by use of acupuncture for Sciatica

The most common treatments for sciatica pain include surgery to repair the underlying structural issues in the lower back, painkillers, epidural steroid injections, as well as hot or cold therapy. Regular acupuncture for sciatica treatments provides gentle and safe alternatives for managing pain. A large proportion of patients suffering from sciatica respond well to this treatment for quick pain relief. It also helps with resolving and managing their conditions over a given time. Acupuncture cannot actually heal structural issues pertaining to the lower back which causes sciatica, but it is an important free side-effect treatment for managing the pain.

How Does Acupuncture Enhance Pain Relief?

Sciatica acupuncture works by inserting small needles into specific areas on the body. These needles usually trigger an instant response from the nervous system. The response from the nervous system enhances the brain to:

• Release natural painkillers such as enkephalins and endorphins.

• Boost flow of blood to the painful area.

• The muscles surrounding the area have to relax.

acupuncture sciatica
acupuncture for sciatica

Common Causes Of Sciatic Pain

• Degenerative Disc Disease which refers to the breakdown of discs which give a cushion in between the vertebrae.

• Lumbar spinal stenosis – is the narrowing of the spinal canal.

• Spondylolisthesis – is a fracture in the portion of a vertebra which causes it’s slipping forward over the vertebrae.

Pregnancy – This increases pressure on the lumbar spine.

Sciatica pain is treated by use of the acupuncture style Balance Method. Acupuncture needles are placed along the inner part of the lower ankle and along the wrist. It entails two-pronged approaches. One is targeting the lower back, in order to increase muscle relaxation and blood flow around the lumbar vertebrae. Secondly, the sciatic nerve is targeted to influence blood flow regulation as well as muscle relaxation along the pain pathway in the leg.

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