Acupuncture for Addiction

When someone hears that we offer acupuncture for addiction, they quickly grow skeptical. How is sticking a needle into their skin going to prevent them from lighting their next cigarette?

The reason why acupuncture is a powerful weapon against addiction is that it elevates your mind’s need for your substance of choice. The process performed by the staff at Acupuncture San Diego relies on a specialized targeting process that helps your organs recover faster.

Acupuncture helps addiction so effectively that it often gets used by the military for their recovering soldiers, and numerous judges in the San Diego CA court system recommended it as well.

No matter what you find yourself struggling with, our staff remains confident that you’ll discover the relief you need today. Allow our experienced acupuncturist to help ease your cravings today.

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Addiction Treatment Acupuncture

Your session will require about 45 minutes to target, treat, and detoxify specific organs and areas in your body. By focusing your safe, natural healing on your liver, lungs, kidneys, and other areas that come in contact with the addictive substance, we can help them heal quicker than before.

Acupuncture also treats withdrawals that you are experiencing, forcing the brain to release endorphins and hormones as if you were giving in to your cravings. As a result, you experience the relief without doing more harm, allowing you to avoid repeated abuse.

No matter where you continue with your treatment process, we remain confident that our acupuncture techniques keep staying effective for more patients.
Choose our best treatment solution if you experience any of the following regularly:
When you need relief, you need the staff at Acupuncture San Diego.

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