Acupuncture for PMS

What many people don’t understand about premenstrual syndrome, or acupuncture for PMS, is that not all women experience the same levels of pain, discomfort, and symptoms. Some women experience such mild sensations that they may look forward to it, while others dread how painful and excruciating the process can remain each month.

As you age, you likely discover that your period increases in severity, duration, and pain, and becoming debilitating enough that it’s difficult to go to work and handle your daily responsibilities. Because more women struggle to navigate through their PMS symptoms, many are discovering traditional treatment solutions.

Acupuncture for PMS has become a rediscovered technique that assists women with severe symptoms from succumbing to intense pain, cramps, and bloat. When you book your appointment with Acupuncture San Diego, it means receiving experienced acupuncturists who achieve results quickly.

More women throughout the San Diego, CA know that we remain the best in natural healing techniques for your needs. See how acupuncture can alleviate your PMS symptoms and fight back against pain today.

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Why it Works

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Your period changes over time because your body’s hormone levels shift. As women age, you produce higher levels of testosterone, as well as other hormones, which impacts the amount of bleeding you experience, bloating, indigestion, and other painful symptoms.

Acupuncture targets your organs, as well as areas throughout your body responsible for hormone production. Once we administer our natural healing technique, you can enjoy lighter symptoms, less pain, and discover the monthly relief that you need most.

Whether your period is consistently late or has become too painful to manage on your own, our experienced acupuncturists can best assist you today. We help more area women achieve consistent, lighter PMS symptoms than anyone else.

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