Acupuncture Scar Therapy

As a child, your parents likely warned you to be careful because once you develop a scar, it isn’t going away anytime soon. Although some wounds may fade by themselves over time, others are permanently present on your skin.

Post-surgical scarring is among the most difficult to fade out, and if you went under the knife on an area that doesn’t stay hidden behind clothing, it could create lasting self-confidence issues. When topical creams and medicines aren’t useful enough, you might want to consider acupuncture scar therapy.

Whether you find your lingering scars provide lingering pain or they are too unsightly for your preferences, acupuncture can heal the different layers of skin that have gotten damaged. However, it takes experience, certified acupuncturists like the staff at Acupuncture San Diego to achieve the results you need the most.

We target your most severe scarring to promote less frequent pain, as well as a reduction in its appearance. No matter what the cause of your scar, we stay confident that we are still the best treatment choice for you.

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Why Scar Acupuncture?

Scarring occurs when the skin encounters severe levels of damage. While that might be from a traffic accident, medical procedures, or enjoying too much San Diego, CA sunshine, there are numerous causes of scars.

However, this dead, damaged tissue can continue causing your body to experience pain, and thicker scars can even impede how efficient your organs perform. When left ignored, you may wind up developing other health issues in the future.

Whether your needs are medical or cosmetic, Acupuncture San Diego minimizes daily pain and discomfort while also helping your scars in fading. In only a few sessions, you will begin seeing a noticeable reduction in darkness and color, as well as enjoy improved, lasting relief.

Acupuncture San Diego offers your best acupuncture services daily.

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