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Acupuncture Together: Acupuncture San Diego

Acupuncture together is a system of medicine where small needles are inserted in specific areas of the skin to treat various mental and physical conditions. This practice originated from China and dates back to thousands of years and today acupuncture is used together with other treatments across the globe.

This treatment is done in clinics and Acupuncture San Diego is one of the best clinics that offer acupuncture together with other treatments. It has qualified and trained staff that have mastered the art of acupuncture and always delivering the best service to their clients.

Uses of Acupuncture together

Acupuncture together with other drugs or treatments can be used to treat various forms of illnesses. Acupuncture San Diego uses acupuncture to treat:

Neck pain
Lower back pain
Knee pain
Headaches & Migraines

This treatment can also be used to combat:

Allergy relief
Cigarette cravings
High and low blood pressure
Painful periods
Relief from digestive conditions, and many more.

What to Expect During Treatment of Acupuncture Together

When going for an acupuncture treatment in a professional clinic, here is what you should expect:

Our Acupuncturist will examine you and the required areas of treatment. Here acupuncture together is used with other Chinese therapies, like cupping, if you’d like. You will be then asked to lie down. Sterilized needles will then be inserted. You might feel a tingling sensation when this is done. Needles will stay in place for five to ten minutes and then removed.

san diego acupuncture
acupuncture san diego

Number of Treatments

The number of treatments required will depend on the condition of the patient. Acupuncture San Diego has great customer service that offers a follow up with each visit in order to make sure you are responding to the treatment.

If you are in San Diego and would like to receive the kind of treatment for either mental or physical conditions, call Acupuncture San Diego for the best acupuncture treatment.

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