Are There Risks to Acupuncture?

It’s no secret that anytime you undergo a medical procedure, no matter how safe it may be, there will be some degree of risk involved. However, when asking are there risks to acupuncture, the greatest hazard is choosing someone who isn’t certified.

Many health spas and massage services providers advertise acupuncture as a way of relieving stress and promoting relaxation. However, unless they adhere to the strict policies of certified acupuncturists, they are more or less playing darts with your skin.

Some patients experience minor swelling, pain, and some bleeding from needles getting pressed into their flesh. However, if you had gone to a certified acupuncture team, like the staff at Acupuncture San Diego, you likely wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

More San Diego CA patients still depend on us for safer, faster acupuncture by certified experts. When you need to know that you remain in good hands, you need to schedule your appointment with us.

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What Causes Complications?

Most complications with acupuncture have more to do with the patient’s condition. Whether they are prone to excessive bleeding, have medical devices implanted, or are pregnant or attempting to have a child, they may not respond to acupuncture the way that they should.

Other patients may experience slight sensations of dizziness, site soreness and bruising, but these soon subside by themselves. If you go to an uncertified practitioner, however, you may wind up with damaged skin, nerves, and even organs.

Although acupuncture remains a safe and reliable way to promote better health and healing, it still requires an educated application to achieve the results that you need. You can’t risk going to anyone who advertises services without certification.

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Minimize your risks and enjoy better healing with Acupuncture San Diego for your acupuncture needs today.

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