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Chinese Acupuncture

Chinese acupuncture forms part of the larger traditional Chinese medicine and has been in existence for over 5000 years. The technique alters energy flow within the body thus rejuvenating an individual’s health and easing muscle tensions. To achieve this, the acupuncture professional pierces strategic parts of the body with sterile single-use hypo-dermal needles. But how does this alternative healing technique affect the body and what are its benefits?

Understanding the Chinese acupuncture technique

Through acupuncture, professionals hope to realign and balance the life energy flow within your body. According to the Chinese traditions, human beings possess a life energy, Chi, flowing through their body. The Chi follows twelve paths within the body that connect all the vital organs and systems. A disruption of the path causes pain, stress, and even ill health. Chinese acupuncture and the insertion of the needles on the different parts of the body thus helps realign the energy flow and reintroduce a balanced Chi that helps individuals maintain optimal health.

Types of acupuncture

Acupuncture San Diego experts practice different types of Chinese acupuncture aimed at solving various bodily distresses. Some of the most popular types of acupuncture available in San Diego include:

Body acupuncture: Piercing the body addresses general problems including back and abdominal pains. In this case, the fine needles are inserted on the different acupuncture points on the body running from the head to toe.

Auricular acupuncture: Chinese acupuncture practitioners believe that the different acupuncture points in the body are represented in the ear. Inserting tiny needle presses or seeds on an adhesive plaster and leaving them for up to a week may help address such problems as addiction.

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Why Chinese Acupuncture?

How do you know if you need acupuncture? Experts from Acupuncture San Diego hold the opinion that everyone, regardless of age or gender orientation, stands to benefit from this ancient alternative healing technique that has already received the green light from FDA for its safety. You are also encouraged to try the technique to complement modern medicine. Nonetheless, you don’t have to wait for the back and other chronic pains to descend on you before consulting Acupuncture San Diego.

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Benefits of the Chinese Acupuncture

What do you stand to gain by subjecting yourself to an acupuncture operation? Ideally, the technique helps resolve some bodily and mental discomforts such as back and abdominal pains. Experts at Acupuncture San Diego also use the technique to ease muscle tension within the body while reducing stress and depression thereby promoting mental health.

For over 5000 years, the therapeutic properties of the Chinese acupuncture have been used to treat and address different health issues. During this time, it was tried and perfected with modern day practitioners able to identify different acupuncture points in the body and determine how piercing either of these parts with the hypo-dermal needles affect the body.

The ancient Chinese practice has now been picked up by the healthcare industry and you don’t have to travel to China to experience this life-changing health process. Acupuncture San Diego is just a call away with consultants on standby and ready to address your queries and reservations about the practice and also give you a free quote.

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