The Truth about Cosmetic Acupuncture

and Looking Younger…

Over the centuries, acupuncture evolved into an integral part of the medicine world since it is an ideal remedy to headaches and body pain. Acupuncture also improves the immunity of cancer patients and chronic pain patients. The health technique advanced to accommodate modern practices such as cosmetic acupuncture, which is a safer alternative to Botox or facial surgery.

Concerns are on the rise regarding the effectiveness of cosmetic acupuncture in making people look young. Most people want to know how cosmetic acupuncture can help them maintain their youthful looks. Discussed below are some of the ways they can benefit from cosmetic acupuncture and how safe the procedure is.

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Is Cosmetic Acupuncture Safe?

cosmetic acupuncture
The World Health Organization approved acupuncture as a health technique and established certain guidelines for the technique. Acupuncturists operating in the US, such as Acupuncture San Diego, must have a state department of health license. Cosmetic acupuncture involves the insertion of thin needles in the face. The procedure is painless and safe.

When the acupuncturist inserts thin needles in your face, you will develop tiny punctures known as positive micro-traumas. The good thing about the punctures is that they help stimulate your circulatory and lymphatic system. The punctures work together to nourish your skin from inside out by delivering oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells of your face. Along these lines, facial acupuncture can make you look younger.

Is the Procedure Expensive?

If you are living in San Diego, you can visit Acupuncture San Diego to get a facial acupuncture procedure done on you. The treatment does not cost a lot. The amount you’ll pay Acupuncture San Diego depends on whether you want a facial acupuncture procedure only or you want a facial and full body acupuncture. Note that facial acupuncture is an affordable alternative to facial surgery.

Long-term Effects of Facial Acupuncture

People who regularly undergo cosmetic acupuncture exhibit a bright complexion. When you look at their faces, you will notice that their facial skin appears brighter and younger than ever. Their faces have oxygen and fresh blood flowing deep inside and bringing the youthful look back. The goal of facial acupuncture is to create long-lasting changes on the facial skin of a person. Avoid seeking this treatment if you are looking for short-term fixes or short-term changes in facial appearance.

We know at Acupuncture San Diego, the more times you visit an acupuncturist for the treatment, the more likely you will experience long-term changes. Most people begin to see improvements on their faces after attending more than five cosmetic acupuncture sessions. Acupuncturists in San Diego recommend at least ten sessions for the long-term changes to take effect. One needs to visit the specialists every four to eight weeks for better results.

Cosmetic acupuncture works well for those who are willing to undertake it. You need to make a personal decision on why you want to undertake this procedure. Take your time when stating your goals and objectives for visiting an acupuncturist. You should also communicate freely with the specialist. Be sure to tell the specialist what you are expecting from the treatment. The more transparent you become when consulting with a specialist on acupuncture, the more likely you will benefit from the health procedure.

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