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Throughout the previous Summer Olympics, many viewers stayed confused over why all the athletes appeared to have had squids on them. It was then the world discovered the process of cupping, one of the best-kept secrets of the professional sporting industry.

Although it appears a high-tech healing method, the process of cupping patients dates back thousands of years. In fact, the ancient Egyptians included it as part of their usual medical procedures.

When you come to Acupuncture San Diego for your best San Diego CA cupping therapy, we target areas of inflammation to promote better blood circulation. Whether you have stiff, sore joints or visibly inflamed areas of skin and muscles, many people swear by professional cupping therapy.

If you are interested in trying cupping for the first time or you know you need it applied again, then contact us to schedule your session. Allow us to help you heal your sore body today.

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What is Cupping?

Cupping relies on vacuum sucking areas of your body that is preventing blood from circulating as efficiently as it should. As a result, these areas are likely stiff, sore, and agitated, often from minor sports-related injuries.

Whether you need to remain at your peak physical condition or your body is taking too long to heal by itself, we stay confident that cupping therapy is the best technique for you. Once completed, you will feel more relaxed, less pain, and ready for your next sporting event.

Cupping may leave behind minor marks or bruises, but that is the result of the suction taking hold. It will quickly clear up on its own, and we can apply a natural ointment to the areas as well. 

Don’t continue feeling sore when Acupuncture San Diego remains the best local provider for your cupping therapy.

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