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The Most Common Question: Does Acupuncture Hurt?

If people are considering acupuncture in San Diego then the question that they ask themselves above all others is: does acupuncture hurt? When you think about needles being inserted into your skin then you may think that it is inevitable that some pain will be experienced. It is an understandable fear but the reality is that there is not anything to worry about.

Very few people report experiencing pain when they have an acupuncture session. In fact, many people choose to have acupuncture because it can relieve pain that is experienced elsewhere in the body. They prefer it as a way to relieve pain over taking pills.

Is There Any Sensation?

Even though we have answered the question of does acupuncture hurt, it is important to mention that no pain does not mean that you will feel no sensation at all when the needles are inserted. Some people feel a tingling sensation, both at the point that the needles are inserted and elsewhere throughout the body. Acupuncture can be a very calming experience and people also say that they feel warmth at the point where the needle is inserted which then radiates outwards.

Why Doesn’t Acupuncture Hurt?

If you have asked the question does acupuncture hurt then you may be interested to find out that there are several reasons why it doesn’t. Firstly, the needles are very fine compared to the hypodermic needles that are often used in medical procedures. The person that is carrying out the acupuncture in San Diego will also have had a lot of training and will know how to insert the needles without causing a lot of pain. If you do feel pain then you should let your acupuncturist know immediately as they may just need to try a different position.

does acupuncture hurt
does acupuncture hurt

We can answer your concerns about if acupuncture hurts…

If you have any questions about what is involved in an acupuncture session then we will be able to talk these through with you. Give Acupuncture San Diego a call and we will be happy to help. If the question does acupuncture hurt has been putting you off then you really could be missing out. We would welcome the opportunity to put your mind at rest.

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