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Does Medicare Cover Acupuncture?

The first question patients ask when they step into Acupuncture San Diego Clinic is does Medicare cover acupuncture? Most people hold the opinion that acupuncture is like any other treatment and so Medicare should apply the same coverage it does with other diseases. This post will dig deeper into the question and give you the answers.

Does Medicare cover acupuncture treatment?

It is important to understand that the primary rule of Medicare is that it can cover anything that is considered medically necessary. But today, acupuncture or any other naturopathic treatment is not considered medically necessary by Medicare. So does Medicare cover acupuncture? The answer is no. But you don’t have to worry, Acupuncture San Diego clinic has the most affordable rates that will accommodate anyone working under a low budget. With the rates of $30 per visit, you don’t have to worry about Medicare not covering acupuncture treatment.

What does this mean?

The lack of coverage from Medicare means that patients will be left to pay out-of-pocket for their acupuncture treatments. This means that you could spend more money depending on the number of treatments you receive. Enrolling in other medical plans may also not be of any assistance since most of them don’t cover what Medicare doesn’t allow.

But all is not lost and a visit to Acupuncture San Diego will prove that there are easier ways to help you get the treatment and not feel a strain in your pocket. For instance, Advantage plans can cover acupuncture. These are the alternatives to Medicare. What this coverage does is that it takes Part A and Part B of the Medicare and combines the two with other benefits like vision, hearing and dental.

It is important to understand that each Advantage plan is different. So you will need to look up your benefits for the specific plan you need. There are areas where holistic medicine is commonly practiced, so you may find more Advantage plans that will offer integrative benefits, acupuncture being one of them.

With that in mind, you now understand that it is not entirely impossible to enjoy a medical cover when you want to try out acupuncture treatment. For more information about acupuncture coverage, contact Acupuncture San Diego.

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