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Dry Needling Vs Acupuncture: What’s The Difference And Which Technique Is Most Effective?

In the case of dry needling vs acupuncture, which one would you consider the most effective muscle relaxation and full body healing technique? While the two have a time difference of close to 5000 years between them, they are equally appreciated by physical therapists for the different roles they play in helping address pain and rejuvenate an individual’s health. However, as Acupuncture San Diego experts would advise, the two physiotherapy strategies are quite different with their use of hypodermic needles being the only thing they have in common. But how different can they get?

Dry needling vs acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice started about 5000 years ago. Ideally, the needling in acupuncture was used to help an individual achieve optimal health by balancing the flow of life energy, Chi, within the body. To achieve this, needles have to be strategically inserted within the twelve major pathways, meridians, along which the Chi flows in the body. The meridians are also believed to link the different vital organs and systems in the body with each other.

How effective is either process?

In determining the effectiveness of dry needling vs acupuncture, it would be important to first note that they serve different purposes. It would also be necessary to appreciate the fact that while the acupuncture practice has been practiced and perfected over the last 5000 years, dry needling is still a work in progress that’s yet to receive an FDA approval.

This, however, doesn’t make it less effective, you only have to get in touch with a professional at Acupuncture San Diego for guidance on which rejuvenation and pain relieving technique, dry needling vs acupuncture, serves you best. You should nonetheless first understand that dry needling is most effective for muscle pain while acupuncture best addresses the rejuvenation of full body health.

Dry needling, on the other hand, is an alternative medicine used in physical therapy to address muscle pain. The technique involves the insertion of sterile needles in the body to induce intramuscular stimulation and is commonly used to address myofascial pain syndrome. As the name suggests, the technique doesn’t involve the use of medicine or anesthesia and only involves hypodermic needles inserted at strategic points in the body.
dry needling
dry needling vs acupuncture
The dry needling vs acupuncture debate revolving around the most effective strategy has ranged on since the invention and popularization of the dry needling technique. Professional physical therapists at Acupuncture San Diego, however, believe that anyone propagating the popularity of either strategy in comparison to the next doesn’t understand how each technique works. They, therefore, encourage California residents seeking these alternative medicines to pain treatment and health rejuvenation to contact and schedule a consultative session with Acupuncture San Diego. The session helps you determine the most effective technique for your particular problem.
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