Hair Growth with Acupuncture

According to American Academy of Dermatology more and more women suffer from hair loss with an estimated 30 million women in the US being affected by this condition which is called alopecia. Certainly at Acupuncture San Diego we are very aware of the increased numbers of women struggling with this problem and come to us for help. Acupuncture has been proven throughout history to be effective in the treatment of hair loss and is often very helpful in both stopping hair loss and supporting re-growth.

About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a medical practice that has long been practiced in Chinese culture all through history. In Chinese culture the practice of medicine goes hand in hand with good flow of energy (qi). Healthy hair relies on this and also blood flow for nourishing the scalp. It is when this flow is interrupted by a deficiency or stagnation of either of the two which means that the scalp is insufficiently nourished. A deficiency of blood and qi are usually caused by poor diet or assimilation of necessary nutrients while qi and stagnation of blood is usually caused by stress or hormonal imbalance.

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Benefits of Acupuncture for Hair

We at Acupuncture San Diego are one of the few professional in San Diego offering acupuncture treatment for hair growth. Some of the benefits of acupuncture in this regards are as follows:

Improvement of blood flow and flow of qi in the scalp helping hair to re-grow.
Acupuncture along with Chinese herbs nourishes qi and blood hence stopping more hair from falling out.

Rich history also backs Chinese herbs which have been used for centuries to stop hair loss. This of course has been done side by side with acupuncture whereby several studies have shown that 60% of people suffering from hair loss had experienced re-growth of their hair within 3 months.


This is why at Acupuncture San Diego we usually incorporate the use of acupuncture alongside herbal formulae which is to be used together with our nutritional suggestions as well as lifestyle changes which has proven to be effective in helping our patients suffering from receding hair.

According to the Chinese belief acupuncture is helpful in returning the body’s energy to a state that is balanced. It is a form of healing method that is energy-focused involving pricking needles all over the body (specifically onto the skin). This is repeated all through the body at several different pressure points for the treatment of various ailments. The depth of the needles or how far they are penetrated on the acupuncture point is dependent of the afflicted part severity of the medical condition. But generally needles are in moderately shallow depth.

To be the best we have to borrow from the best which is what we at Acupuncture San Diego are doing. We incorporate this ancient Chinese treatment in the best way possible following on their rich history combined with modern medicine. We understand and appreciate that hair loss is not necessarily the end of your journey with hair and thanks to this ancient Chinese practice, with us you will get the best there is.

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