Acupuncture for Hair Loss

There are many non-conventional ways of treatment, but acupuncture for hair loss is the most interesting modern choice today. This is something that not everyone has the willingness to try, but those who have had experience with it claim that it is a truly rewarding, and non-invasive treatment and it is offered at Acupuncture San Diego.

How Acupuncture is Done

This medical practice has its roots from ancient China with their natives believing that with this method the body is helped to regain its energy to a equilibrium. This energy-focused method of healing has gained a lot of popularity in San Diego. It involves pricking needles on the skin targeting many different acupuncture pressure points for the treatment of various ailments. The depth of the needles is dependent on the afflicted body part and severity of ailment, but conventionally the puncture is shallow.

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How Acupuncture Helps with Hair Loss

Traditional Chinese practices in healing, hair has a relation to other more vital body parts such as internal organs and blood. The needles are used in puncturing key points around your head for the improvement of blood circulation and energy flow and distribution. This way follicles in your hair are stimulated as well as specific nerves and blood vessels found on the head.

This treatment of hair loss with this technique is long-term and the process at Acupuncture San Diego Guarantees you professionalism seen with their patience and level of dedication. Even though we are not in the business of performing miracles regular attendance is sure to deliver visible results.

Acupuncture treatment and herbal formulae’s are used side by side as well as topical ointments specifically on the scalp. There is also the method of hot towel massages that stimulates blood flow all through the body.

With this kind of treatment is also used to alleviate the pain caused by damaged skin that brings about hair loss conditions such as traction alopecia. With Acupuncture San Diego we can significantly ease those discomforts brought about by the painful swellings, itching and even whatever is brought about by inflammation as a result of traction alopecia.

Things We Consider Before Treatment

San Diego California has got a lot of acupuncture treatment centers but Acupuncture San Diego stands out from the rest by virtue of our care and professionalism. It has been observed that some of the reasons why people may suffer from loss of hair at a young age not common for receding hair includes:


  • Heredity –This is the most common reason which you can tell by looking at members of your family especially parents.
  • Medication –Some side effects of drugs or treatment such as chemotherapy is hair loss.
  • Pregnancy –This is because nutrients are being focused to the unborn child.
  • Medical Conditions – such as Thyroid disease, anemia, low levels of vitamins etc can cause hair loss.
If you feel any of the above is not causing your hair loss you can consult us at Acupuncture San Diego for professional help as well as treatment.

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