How Does Acupuncture Work?

Many people still view acupuncture as some mysterious, magical ceremony involving needles and burning sage. While Acupuncture San Diego does try our best to keep you at ease during your appointment, we try to take a more modern approach to your healing.

Part of what we do is explaining how does acupuncture work to those still not convinced that it is right for their needs. Once they learn that the needles are virtually painless and reduce swelling, inflammation, and better healing, they can’t wait to join the group in the next room.

Acupuncture has gotten used for thousands of years for its usefulness in a broad range of medical areas. From managing pain to helping ease pregnancy symptoms, proper acupuncture does it all.

When we target the areas of your body giving you the most grief, it helps it heal faster and prevent further agitation from happening. See why more San Diego CA residents choose us for their best healing.

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Doesn’t It Hurt?

When administered correctly, you won’t even feel the needle sliding into your skin. Acupuncture needles are among the thinnest grades, and they go in without much effort.

After allowing them to remain in crucial areas of your body, we can reduce tension around nerves, bones, and joints, as well as fight back against allergens. You will feel calmer, refreshed, and even detoxified, depending on the nature of your visit.

By activating your body’s natural healing process, as well as the hormones and natural brain chemicals you need, you will discover relief from numerous types of conditions and ailments. Acupuncture also stays relied on for non-physical conditions like mental health needs and reproductive glands.

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Generations later, Acupuncture San Diego continues the tradition of natural and safe healing.


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