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How Much Does Acupuncture Cost? acupuncture san diego

When making the decision to embark on alternative healing options for pain, the first question that probably comes to mind is how much does acupuncture cost? If you are new to acupuncture treatment, it is tempting to start summing up the total cost starting with the consultation fees, and actual treatment costs. However, our specialists at Acupuncture San Diego believe that when you only have blogs to consult your cost evaluation may shoot to intimidating levels, forcing you to stay away from this life-changing healthcare. To help bridge this gap, Acupuncture San Diego allow for a free consultation, exam and pricing quote over the phone or through email. In answering the how much does acupuncture cost question, it is only important that you first understand the different cost elements and types of acupuncture services available.

How much does acupuncture cost?

Here at Acupuncture San Diego, for community acupuncture, we charge $30 for 30 minutes. That’s right. Ideally, the total cost of an acupuncture procedure with the total of such cost elements as consultation fees, the operation charges, and the often voluntary post-operation costs. Most importantly, the procedure costs vary depending on the acupuncture technique required and duration and frequency of the treatments. These types of acupuncture include body acupuncture, auricular acupuncture that affects the ear, and electro-acupuncture where the acupuncture needles are stimulated with an electric current.

We also accept ALL INSURANCE and offer private sessions at a higher rate. Call us to find out which offering is best for you.

Other Acupuncture Clinics

A combination of acupuncture with other treatment methods: How much does acupuncture cost when used alongside equally effective traditional healing methods? Some experts believe that using acupuncture healing technique together with other traditional treatment methods is the best method, but this often pushes the costs higher than desired. The most popular healing procedures used together with the ancient Chinese technique include cupping (which we offer!) and acupuncture where bamboo cups are used together with the acupuncture as well as heat treatment and acupuncture where heat lamps are placed over acupuncture needles.

how much does acupuncture cost
cost of acupuncture

Post Treatment Self-Care

The how much does acupuncture cost question is also affected by any post-operation treatments you may choose to embrace. For instance, most acupuncture professionals advise that you consider going for ancient herbal medicines that amplify the healing and stress reduction effects of acupuncture on your body. Nonetheless, Acupuncture San Diego experts advice that your first consult your physician as some of these herbal formulas can have a negative reaction with modern medicine.

How Much Does Acupuncture Cost at Acupuncture San Diego?

Some acupuncture practitioners advise that the highly individualized nature of acupuncture treatment makes it hard to generalize the operation cost. You, therefore, need to contact Acupuncture San Diego facility for a personalized cost evaluation based on your treatment preferences, however we can tell you what our rates per session are:

$30 for 30 Minutes

Yep, that’s it. And again, our exams and over-the-phone consultations are as free as they come. 🙂


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