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Acupuncture Near Me

The first question you should ask yourself when looking for acupuncture treatment in San Diego is, ‘is there acupuncture near me? This will help you determine the cost of treatment, time schedule, the best place to get acupuncture treatment and get possible referrals from friends. Acupuncture is an alternative form of treatment that can be used to provide relief to a number of ailments involving inflammation or aching. If you are contemplating signing up for acupuncture, this article explains what you can expect during a typical session with your acupuncturist.

What to consider when looking for acupuncture near me?

The first thing you should consider is the level of professionalism because acupuncture treatment should be offered by skilled, certified and experienced practitioners. For instance, acupuncturists at acupuncture San Diego has been offering treatment and consultations for many years. Therefore, they are an ideal choice. It is important to understand that acupuncture is extremely safe when done by a professional and the right procedure. Here are some of the steps you will pass through during an acupuncture treatment:


Looking for acupuncture near me? The first I should be aware of is the examination process. Your acupuncturist will examine the area being worked on. To make sure that everything is going on as planned. You may be required to take off some of your clothes at this point. He/she will feel the area to check for inflammation. If this is not your first session, examining the area will let the acupuncturist monitor your healing progress. They will then ask you how you feel, e.g. aching, numb, etc.


Next, the acupuncturist will sterilize the areas where needle insertions will be made. This is done using alcohol swabs. If it’s not a large area, he/she may wipe the entire area before beginning the insertion. If the area is large, e.g. your entire back, then the acupuncturist will sterilize the different insertion points just before inserting the needles.


Every time I am looking for acupuncture near me, the insertion process is very important because it can determine the success of the entire process. Once sterilized, the acupuncturist will insert the acupuncture needles one at a time. The needles are inserted along specific acupuncture points, either just under the skin or deeper into the muscles. When this happens, you will feel a dulling ache or a tingling sensation. Small guide tubes are sometimes used to ensure the needles are inserted to the right depth.


acupuncture near me san diego
acupuncture near me

Leave Time

Once the needles are in, the acupuncturist will leave them on your body for a while. This will depend on your ailment, your response to the treatment and the acupuncturist’s treatment technique. I love going to an acupuncture near me because I will have a very short period of time going home and having the entire process completed. However, you need to seek the right acupuncture treatment because there are numerous acupuncture centres that do not offer the right treatment. Acupuncture San Diego is a reliable centre where you can get the right acupuncture treatment at an affordable cost.


When inserted, the acupuncturist may seek to stimulate your treatment area further in a number of ways. He or she may rotate the needles, move them up and down, or simply flick them lightly. In some cases, a small electric current may be applied to the needles. This is all part of the process and it’s meant to boost the treatment process.

6. Needle removal

Once the ‘leave time’ is over, the acupuncturist will start to remove the needles. He/she will do so one needle at a time. As they remove the needles, they will wipe the area again to sterilize it. The needles will then be disposed of safely.

 Once, all this is done, your acupuncturist will check the treated area and ask how you’re feeling. You will then be given the next appointment for a follow-up session. Note that if this is your first session, the acupuncturist will first consult with you to find out about your ailment, medical history and any other treatment(s) you may be on. Feel free to contact Acupuncturist San Diego at any given time for professional consultations, treatment or to ask acupuncture questions.

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