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How Safe is Acupuncture?

Anytime a process involves needles, patients become understandably concerned. However, acupuncture remains a safe technique, and the FDA has strict regulations we must adhere to keep our patients protected.Acupuncture’s side effects are minimal, and most subside in just a few minutes. Those with sensitive skin may feel the needle prick more than others, but bleeding gets kept at a minimum.Some patients experience temporary sensations of nausea or headaches, but most of the time this is a natural reaction to their bodies releasing healing chemicals to the puncture site. These feelings often go away quickly, and our staff can help you process them quickly.All of our needles and instruments are sanitary, and each must get disposed of after every use. When you need the safest solutions in San Diego cosmetic acupuncture and traditional applications, our staff is waiting for your appointment.

Who Can Enjoy Acupuncture?

Because acupuncture remains a safe, fast process, we assist patients of all ages, backgrounds, and health needs. Our best healing process is ideal for children, teens, adults, and elderly patients, making it the perfect choice for anyone seeking pain relief.Whether you had gotten injured on the job, are feeling overwhelmed by school, or suffer from daily arthritis pain, we know you’ll find our staff the best choice in San Diego acupuncture. And because we remain committed to affordable healing for all, you’ll enjoy military, student, and senior citizen discounts as well.We can operate in an open, community acupuncture setting, which is how we can keep your session’s cost at just $30 or less each time. We also have private sessions and take ALL insurance. Because everyone receives acupuncture in the same manner, group healing sessions are safe, non-invasive, and nothing to feel embarrassed about receiving.Every person we treat all need the same solutions for dealing with whatever obstacles you discover in your daily life. When you need safe, affordable, and effective natural cure for any age or condition, allow us to assist you best today.
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Does Acupuncture Work?

It’s true that Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques have gotten debunked in the past as little more than quack methods. However, time and again, acupuncture receives glowing support from the health and wellness community.The World Health Organization (WHO) fully endorses acupuncture as one of the safest, most effective ways patients can combat mental and physical ailments. In a matter of moments, your body effortlessly promoted the level of healing that you have needed, all without lingering side effects.By inserting needles into areas known for retaining toxins, stress, and aggravated nerve bundles, we can help you find the relief you need each time. Our expert staff ensures that your appointment is as pain-free as possible, and we have years of dedicated experience helping other.
Let Acupuncture San Diego assist you with all your pain relief needs today.