What Will I Experience During Acupuncture?

Back when acupuncture first began gaining popularity, most places offering the practice looked slightly more sanitary than a Chinese food restaurant. However, today people are more aware of what sham providers look like, allowing them to seek out a better place to visit.

That said, many patients are concerned over “What will I experience during acupuncture?” Some remain afraid of needles, while others are worried that it’s going to include burnt incense and chanting.

When you choose Acupuncture San Diego, you are coming to a local San Diego, CA community wellness center. You will experience certified practitioners who stay experienced, friendly, and explain everything at each step of your healing process.

You may feel slight discomfort, minor bleeding, and temporary dizziness, but you will also enjoy improved feelings of relaxation and healing. Choosing the local center that more residents depend on means never worrying about your session.

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What About After I Leave?

When your session ends, and we remove our needles, you will likely continue experiencing some symptoms. Often, this is in the form of warming sensations, bruising near impact sites, and tenderness, although these are natural physical responses.

On rare occasions, patients experience a sudden drop in blood pressure or fainting. However, that is most likely to do with anxiety regarding medical procedures, as well as improving your body’s blood circulation.

Your best acupuncture session is relatively painless, and your bleeding is kept minimal with our experienced technicians. And because the procedure is entirely outpatient with no anesthesia required, you can drive home yourself immediately after you have finished.

There is no need to keep living in fear or skepticism around acupuncture again when you choose the center more residents rely on for relief.

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Let Acupuncture San Diego provide you with better healing.

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